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How it Works

Each Product in the DiaSnacks™ Kit is designed to provide the proper nutrients needed daily in order to support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels so as to not experience the up and down rollercoaster of hunger and energy so many people experience today. This Kit is designed to Educate, Energize, and Empower you on how to continue living your day to day life but instead with healthy food habits and applying the 5 Golden Food Rules.

              1. Eat whole foods

              2. Have a breakfast, lunch and dinner

              3. Have a protein and healthy carbohydrate at each meal

              4. Have a healthy Snack between meals so that you are never too hungry at meal time

              5. Stay hydrated throughout the day

Maintaining the 5 Golden Food Rules principle in today's fast paced society is difficult, if not impossible for most Americans. That is why DiaSnacks becomes such an important alternative when people need a healthy beverage, dessert, snack or meal replacement that is easy to consume, low glycemic, and contains key nutrients, instead of a candy bar, soda, or fast food.

DiaSnacks™ will not only be a guidebook on understanding how to become healthy, but even more important how to maintain that health by having correct food habits with access to delicious breakfast meals and meal replacements, snacks, desserts and beverages that do not spike blood sugar while providing key nutrients your body needs

The DiaSnacks products are packaged as a kit with ten food & beverage items (with 2 of each for a total of 20 items). They are designed for portability and ease of use.