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Are you Pre-Diabetic?

The 14 item questionnaire below will allow you to assess your likelihood of having elevated blood sugar and possibly being a Pre-Diabetic.  After taking the questionnaire, tally up the number of questions you marked, if this number is 6 or more there is a high likelihood you could be Pre-Diabetic.  However, you have the opportunity to take control of this and never have to worry about having elevated blood sugar by purchasing a DiaSnacks™ Kit. The Kit will teach you the importance of making healthy food habits changes, and it will even tell you the reasons why people are becoming a Diabetic that few people are talking about. You do not have to be another statistic, buy a DiaSnacks™ Kit now; it will be The Greatest Gift of Health you could give yourself!

1. Do you have body fat around your abdomen?

2. Are you overweight?

3. Do you have high blood pressure?

4. Do you have high cholesterol?

5. Do you have high triglycerides?

6. Do you NOT exercise at least 30 minutes four days a week?

7. Do you have Diabetes in your family?

8. Do you eat sugary foods more than once a week?

9. Do you eat fast foods at least once a week?

10. Is your fasting blood sugar above 100 mg/dl?

11. Are you having trouble losing weight?

12. Do you have Abnormal BMI?

13. Do you have an unhealthy hip to waist ratio?

14. Are you 45 years of age or older?


Disclaimer: All information and results from the Questionnaire are for information purposes only. The information is not specific medical advice for any individual. The results received from taking the Questionnaire should not substitute medical advice from a health professional. If you have concerns about your wellness; speak to your doctor or a health professional immediately about your risk